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The only treatment for coeliac disease is a life-long gluten-free diet. This can be difficult as gluten-free food is not always easily available, and it tends to be expensive. It is known that there is variation in the availability and cost of gluten-free food across different regions. This study aims to understand how the availability and cost of gluten-free food impacts on people with coeliac disease. 

This study consists of two phases: first, a large scale survey will be conducted to provide an overview of how people are impacted by differences in availability and cost of gluten-free food; and second, interviews will be carried out with some survey participants to gain a deeper understanding of this impact. The study will be conducted in different regions which will make it possible to draw comparisons between people living in different parts of England. 

The results of the study will provide increased insight into the burden of following a gluten-free diet and any regional differences. This information will be valuable in determining how to best support people in the effective management of their condition.

Research team and funding

This research is being conducted by researchers in the Health Services Research Unit (HSRU) and Health Economics Research Centre (HERC) at the University of Oxford.  The team includes Dr Michele Peters (Team Lead) and Helen Crocker (Research Officer).  The study is an 18 month project funded by Coeliac UK. 

The survey

Further information about the study and the survey can be found in the Participant Information Sheet (PDF).