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image of the front cover of the NDPH Covid Report

The Nuffield Department of Population Health was formed in 2013 by bringing together groups working on population health from different areas of the University and different disciplines so that we could work together to provide solutions to increasingly complex healthcare challenges. 

Our researchers working on cohort studies and clinical trials can now work with ethicists, health services researchers and health economists within the department to ensure that research that is undertaken is acceptable and appropriate to patient needs, and that the cost-effectiveness of treatments is evaluated. 

This report 'Creating clarity in a time of uncertainty' describes the work we delivered in 2020 to support the COVID-19 response. The report is structured according to the important questions that we have sought to answer, and covers a wide range of research to support the response, from testing potential treatments in the RECOVERY trial to investigating the impact of COVID-19 on other areas of public health and healthcare services. 

The work described in this report has been enabled by our multi-disciplinary approach, and by our partnerships with colleagues beyond the department, the participants in our studies, and our funders who have supported this work. Many of these projects are ongoing and have delivered additional results in 2021. See our news page for the latest updates on our work.