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The words 'Equality', 'Diversity' and 'Inclusion' shown in scrabble tiles

We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture that promotes equality, values diversity and creates a working, learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all our staff and students are respected.

We have four groups working to develop our understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion and to assess and improve our approach:

Gender equality

Race equality

LGBT+ equality

Disabled people’s equality


We are also committed to widening access to higher education and our activities include: 

  • providing a fully funded studentship for the MSc in Global Health Science and Epidemiology for someone from an underprivileged background
  • supporting staff apprenticeships: such as the Level 3 Team Leader and Level 6 Healthcare Science Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship within the laboratory
  • involvement in the UNIQ summer school: Researchers from the department contribute to the University’s access programme for state school students, which prioritises places for talented students from backgrounds that are under-represented at Oxford
  • UNIQ+: Several researchers from the department have offered internship projects for this University scheme for talented undergraduates from under-represented groups.
  • offering work experience placements: each year the department offers two work experience opportunities for school students aligned with a local state secondary school’s work experience programme.
  • attending careers fairs and delivering talks at local schools.
  • hosting a year 12 student as part of the Nuffield Research Placement scheme which prioritises applicants from low-income families who are the first in their family to attend university
  • providing online resources to reach a wider audience: the Explore Science! page features educational material on our research, and interviews with researchers.



  • advises, and is accountable to the departmental Strategic Oversight Committee for equality and diversity activities for staff and students
  • co-ordinates EDI work across self-assessment teams and working groups, to avoid duplication and support cross group working
  • monitors progress in meeting equality objectives and delivering on action plans
  • ensures balanced representation of the EDI self-assessment teams and working groups 
  • keeps up-to-date on national and university EDI strategy, and increases awareness of university policy and practice in equality and diversity
  • meets once a term, has a collaborative ethos and ensures an effective flow of information between the EDI groups.

Membership of the EDI Committee, and the Athena SWAN and Race Equality Self Assessment Teams is reviewed annually, and fixed terms ensure new and fresh perspectives. EDI activities are reviewed annually to measure progress on the delivery of actions. 

For further information or to get involved please contact Sasha Shepperd.