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Patients and the public

At Oxford Population Health we put people at the centre of our research to ensure that it is relevant and beneficial to those who need it the most. In parallel, we inspire, consult and engage with the wider public by sharing our scientific achievements through interactive experiences and enlightening conversations.

We use the umbrella term public and patient involvement and engagement (PPIE) – a combination of the terms patient and public involvement (PPI) and public engagement (PE) - to describe all of these activities. We consult and engage with patients and the public to help us drive our mission to lead human health forward, locally and globally. 

Why is this important?

Delivering public and patient involvement and engagement activities in healthcare research is important because

  • Patients and the public are experts with lived experiences that can help others and contribute to a better healthcare system, by making the research more relevant.
  • PPIE can help to ensure that research is more ethical, accessible and inclusive.
  • Public contributors can feel empowered and build their confidence by learning about new health topics and improving their access to information.
  • Researchers can build their understanding of the population who may benefit from the research, and PPIE can make them feel better connected to those beneficiaries.
  • Research is mainly funded by public money, so we have an obligation to involve public advisers.
  • Funders and commercial partners are increasingly demanding high-quality, appropriate PPIE across the research cycle.

Meet our patient and public involvement and engagement team

Our Senior Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement Officer, and our Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement Officer, Leandros Tsiotos are more than happy to help you with any queries or concerns you may have regarding any patient and public engagement activities or opportunities.

If you are interested in getting involved with any of our current research projects as a public contributor, please drop us an email

our team