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Oxford Population Health DPhil students can access a wide range of resources offered by the department, the Medical Sciences Division and the wider University, to obtain the skills they need to become outstanding population health researchers.

Audience in the Richard Doll lecture theatre
Richard Peto, Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology, at the NDPH Annual Symposium

Departmental resources

Research Student Group (RSG)

All research students in the department are members of the Research Student Group and are encouraged to take part in its activities including opportunities to:

  • Attend and present at regular DPhil Seminars.
  • Attend student journal clubs chaired by senior members of the department.
  • Join fellow students for monthly tea and coffee afternoons and termly student social events.
  • Attend structured peer support sessions run by trained NDPH DPhil peer supporters.
  • Contribute to the NDPH Student Blog.
  • Volunteer to act as buddies for new DPhil students.
  • Volunteer as DPhil student representatives which involves helping to organise the Research Student Group’s activities or sitting on departmental and divisional committees.

MSc Global Health Science and Epidemiology Resources

All Oxford Population Health DPhil students have access to the MSc in Global Health Science and Epidemiology course virtual learning environment which includes audio podcasts of MSc lectures. They are invited to join the MSc students for regular masterclasses with experts in global health science.It may be possible for some students to sit in on MSc lectures or modules where permission is granted by the MSc Course Directors.

Student poster prize

The department holds an annual poster prize to which all current NDPH DPhil students are invited to submit posters.  A prize fund of £500 is awarded to the winner(s).

Early Career Researcher Network 

All DPhil students and post-doctoral staff are invited to attend the termly events organised by the Early Career Research Network to discuss issues affecting early career researchers. In addition to providing a wide range of information to support career development, it also provides an opportunity to network with other research staff in the department.

Departmental seminars and events

All students are invited to a range of departmental seminars and events including:

  • The Richard Doll Seminars (weekly during term time)
  • The NDPH Annual Symposium
  • Other ad hoc seminars.

 Medical Sciences Division Resources:

The Medical Sciences Division offers termly skills training on a broad range of topics including ethics, statistics, writing, presenting and 'managing your supervisor.'

University Resources:

Skills training and professional development opportunities: