Richard Doll Building, Old Road Campus, Oxford University.

Induction programme

The department provides a comprehensive induction for all students during the first week of Michaelmas term at the beginning of October. This runs in parallel with induction events organised by colleges and the Medical Sciences Division. The programme of induction is designed to enable students to begin their studies with an understanding of the academic and social environment within which they will be working and includes guidance on:

  • facilities available for students within the department
  • relevant health and safety practices within the group and department
  • good academic practice and the avoidance of plagiarism
  • introduction to staff and their roles with the opportunity to meet socially and informally with other students and staff in the department, especially the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
  • details about the programme, including methods of assessment and examination, regulations and requirements, and general processes such as annual registration
  • skills training available within and outside the subject
  • typical challenges which may face the research student and sources of support and guidance 
  • student welfare (in the departmental context)
  • academic expectations and responsibilities of students.


The department provides a desk and PC for all DPhil students for the duration of their studies.