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Dr Sarah Floud

Dr Sarah Floud

Sarah Floud


University Research Lecturer and Senior Epidemiologist

  • Cancer Epidemiology Unit

Sarah Floud is a Senior Epidemiologist in the Cancer Epidemiology Unit and Co-Principal Investigator of the Million Women Study. Since 2016 she has been responsible for work on risk factors for dementia in the Million Women Study. She has a background in social science, having studied at the London School of Economics and worked in social research. She has a PhD in epidemiology from Imperial College London.

Sarah’s role at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit involves conducting epidemiological research into risk factors for dementia and heart disease. Her work has mainly focused on social risk factors such as marital status, socio-economic status, social activities and social isolation, but also other lifestyle factors such as physical activity and body mass index. She is responsible for writing the re-survey questionnaires. She is a lecturer, module lead and tutor on the MSc in Global Health Science, where she lectures on social epidemiology, co-leads the module ‘Introduction to Global Health Science’ and provides tutorials on epidemiology.

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