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Associate Professor Hongchao Pan

Associate Professor Hongchao Pan

Hongchao Pan


Associate Professor

Hongchao Pan is a statistician and epidemiologist in the Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU). He holds a PhD in astrophysics from University of Leicester and an MSc in epidemiology from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Since joining CTSU in 1995, he has worked on number of large-scale randomised clinical trials (such as CAST, COMMIT/CCS2, ACST, ATLAS) and epidemiological studies.

His research interests include systemic treatments for early breast cancer, effect of obesity on breast cancer prognosis, and mortality from smoking. Dr Pan leads the meta-analysis of individual participant data of the breast cancer screening trials with mammography and the long-term follow-up of the British Doctors Study.

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