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Halina Suwalowska

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Halina Suwalowska

DPhil Student

Halina joined Ethox in October 2016 as a DPhil candidate under the supervision of Professor Mike Parker, Dr Patricia Kingori and Dr Mary Chambers (Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Vietnam).

 For her DPhil project Halina intends to use qualitative research methods to assess the current practice and perceptions of autopsy in low middle-income settings, focusing on feasibility and acceptability of Minimally Invasive Autopsy (MIA). She will investigate the socio-cultural factors surrounding these perceptions and explore the ethical, or otherwise, barriers preventing autopsy uptake in Vietnam and Nepal.

 Before joining the Ethox Centre Halina worked for five years at the Wellcome Trust in London. In 2015 Halina went on a 12-month secondment to the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) in Vietnam and Nepal, where she conducted a qualitative study investigating the local academic climate as well as perceptions and barriers to undertaking science.

 Halina holds an MA in Sociology and Social Research Methods from University of Wroclaw in Poland.

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