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Federico Murgia

Federico Murgia

Federico Murgia

Bioinformatician and DPhil student

Federico is a bioinformatician with longstanding experience in bioinformatics, genetics and genetic epidemiology.

He joined the Clinical Trial Service Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU) in 2018, where he's involved in discovery and in-depth exploration of genomic predictors for vascular disease and its risk factors, working on a wealth of projects related CTSU's vascular mega-trials, biobanks and large studies.

He is also currently undertaking a part-time DPhil in Population Health under the supervision of Professor Jemma Hopewell with the aims to investigate the impact of rare genetic variation on statin response in the Heart Protection Study.

Federico has extensive experience in the processing of large-scale human genetic datasets, the analysis of exome/whole sequencing data, GWAS and downstream analysis to assign the SNPs to functional genomic features, development of automated pipelines and data visualisation.

After a degree in biological sciences and a postgraduate research degree in Bioinformatics applied to personalised medicine, Federico worked for several years as a biostatistician and bioinformatician for public and private organisations.  He focused his research activity on the application of genetic and genomic methods to study complex traits in both general and genetically isolated populations.