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Anjali Borhade

Anjali Borhade

Anjali Borhade

DPhil Student

Supervisors: Dr Premila Webster & Dr Paul Aveyard

Anjali is DPhil candidate based at Nuffield Department of Population Health.   She is Scholar supported by Wellcome Trust and PHFI-UK Universities Consortium.  Her DPhil research focuses on comprehensive assessment of the health challenges associated with the massive rural to urban migration in India and critically analyse existing policy environment in India.  She will compare selected low, middle and high income countries that have developed policies to address migrant’s health needs.  Based on these comparisons transferable and practical lessons will be drawn for India to develop a policy framework to address health and social security needs of migrants’.  Prior to her DPhil, she has received double masters in social sciences, labour welfare and public health.  She is pioneer public health professional in India, with special expertise and passion on urbanisation, migration, urban health and development issues. She is faculty with Indian Institute of Public Health, Delhi, and founder Director of the pioneering NGO 'Disha Foundation' that supports migrant worker’s rights and sustainable development in India. In last sixteen years she is actively engaged in various qualitative and quantitative research studies, complex social and health interventions, and evidence based high-level advocacy initiatives with state and federal government and UN agencies to ensure the rights of vulnerable migrant populations in India. She is appointed as technical advisor with few state and federal government offices in India. She has published several articles on migrant rights and policy recommendations.

Her future research area will be policy implications and priority areas for bettering population health in the context of massive migration, gaps and opportunities of multi-sectoral co-ordination in terms of comprehensive migration and urban health policies, and evaluation of effectiveness of migration and health policies in low and middle income countries.

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