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Genome-wide association study identifies 48 common genetic variants associated with handedness.

Journal article

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Identification of Biomarkers for the Prevention of Chronic Disease


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Association of common genetic variants with brain microbleeds: A genome-wide association study.

Journal article

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Cerebral small vessel disease genomics and its implications across the lifespan.

Journal article

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Genetic Determinants of Electrocardiographic P-Wave Duration and Relation to Atrial Fibrillation.

Journal article

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Metabolic Age Based on the BBMRI-NL 1H-NMR Metabolomics Repository as Biomarker of Age-related Disease.

Journal article

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Circulating metabolites are associated with brain atrophy and white matter hyperintensities.

Journal article

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Genetic Predisposition to Coronary Artery Disease in Type 2 diabetes

Journal article

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Many roads lead to Rome: molecular pathways leading to high myopia

Conference paper

Tedja MS. et al, (2020), ACTA OPHTHALMOLOGICA, 98, 23 - 23

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