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AbstractBackgroundMaternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Review (MPDSR) can reduce mortality but its implementation is often suboptimal, especially in low‐ and middle‐income countries (LMICs).ObjectivesTo understand the determinants of behaviors influencing implementation of MPDSR in LMICs (through a systematic review of qualitative studies), in order to plan an intervention to improve its implementation.Search StrategyTerms for maternal or perinatal death reviews and qualitative studies.Selection CriteriaQualitative studies regarding implementation of MPDSR in LMICs.Data Collection and AnalysisWe coded the included studies using the Theoretical Domains Framework and COM‐B model of behavior change (Capability, Opportunity, Motivation). We developed guiding principles for interventions to improve implementation of MPDSR.Main ResultsFifty‐nine studies met our inclusion criteria. Capabilities required to conduct MPDSR (knowledge and technical/leadership skills) increase cumulatively from community to health facility and leadership levels. Physical and social opportunities depend on adequate data, human and financial resources, and a blame‐free environment. All stakeholders were motivated to avoid negative consequences (blame, litigation, disciplinary action).ConclusionsImplementation of MPDSR could be improved by (1) introducing structural changes to reduce negative consequences, (2) strengthening data collection tools and information systems, (3) mobilizing adequate resources, and (4) building capabilities of all stakeholders.

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International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics



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