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Cover of MBRRACE-UK report


“Perinatal mortality Surveillance Report – UK Perinatal Deaths for Births from January to December 2013: Supplementary Report UK Trusts and Health Boards”

A Supplementary Report for UK NHS Trusts and Health Boards is published by MBRRACE-UK. This report presents the first UK published perinatal mortality figures for Trusts and Health Boards for perinatal deaths in 2013.

The purpose of this Supplementary Report is to enable individual Trusts and Health Boards to understand their local stillbirth, neonatal death and extended perinatal death mortality rates and to give local teams an insight into clinical performance based not just on crude mortality rates but also having taken account of at least some of the important socio-demographic factors that influence pregnancy outcomes.

Importantly the figures for individual Trusts and Health Boards are compared with other Trusts and Health Boards which provide care to women with similarly high or low risk pregnancies. This is based on the highest level of complex neonatal care provision, and for those organisations which do not provide high level complex neonatal care it is based on the number of women who deliver each year in their organisation. NHS Trusts and Health Boards have then been rated within these groups, comparing their mortality rate to the group average using the traffic light system used in the main report, published in June.  Guidance is provided to Trusts and Health Boards as to the action they should take based on their rating. 

Read the supplementary report and follow us on Twitter @TIMMSleicester & @mbrrace for news and updates.