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Oxford Population Health Festival of Global Health is proud to present I Could Never Go Vegan on Thursday April 18 at the Curzon Cinema.

 Event timings: 16:00 to 20:00.  Please note the screening of this film will be at 16:15.

The film aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the impacts of animal agriculture on health, animal welfare and the environment with scenes that some viewers may find distressing. Viewer discretion is advised. 

I Could Never Go Vegan

Five words spoken around the world by so many non-vegans, but why? On a quest for the truth, filmmaker Thomas Pickering sets out to investigate the leading arguments against the vegan movement.

I Could Never Go Vegan is a new film that will premier nationally on 10 April and is released in cinemas on 19 April.

The film aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the impacts of animal agriculture on health, animal welfare and the environment, presenting an educational yet non-confrontational narrative. This methodical approach to the subject matter is intended to enlighten viewers about the realities they may not have considered or been exposed to previously.

Director Thomas Pickering shared his motivation for the documentary, stating,

I Could Never Go Vegan is truly a film for anyone who has ever heard or said these words. It’s not uncommon for me to have daily conversations with friends, colleagues or strangers, and for them to utter these words to me. But why? That’s exactly what I wanted to explore in this film, seeking to find out whether the arguments that face the vegan movement are justified or not.”

I Could Never Go Vegan not only seeks to challenge and inform but also to inspire a dialogue about dietary choices and their broader implications. As veganism continues to gain momentum, this documentary is poised to contribute significantly to the conversation, encouraging viewers to question and, perhaps, reconsider their stance on veganism.





The panel discussion, moderated by Dr Toral Gathani, will include:

Thomas Pickering (Director)

Dr Keren Papier, Oxford Population Health

Dr Tammy Tong, Oxford Population Health


Food will be provided and a cash bar will be available for drinks.


This event is hosted by Oxford Population Health and is free-of-charge.
All members of the University and the public are welcome to attend. Please register by Friday 12 April.

Register to attend this event

The Oxford Population Health Festival of Global Health is led by Toral Gathani, Sarah Lewington, Hannah Calkin and Graham Bagley. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments or complete the online form to be added to the mailing list.

This Festival of Global Health is financially supported by a grant awarded to Toral Gathani and Sarah Lewington from the Van Houten Fund at the University of Oxford.