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Diseases of poverty, especially infectious diseases, have been particularly neglected by funders, the pharmaceutical industry, policymakers and the scientific community. This translates into limited research being conducted and poor data being generated, leading to weak evidence to support treatment recommendations. Philippe will present data supporting this statement and explore ways of overcoming the challenges.

Philippe Guérin is a Professor of Epidemiology and Global Health in the Nuffield Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford. He is a physician, trained in France and spent a number of years working in resource-limited settings with MSF, Epicentre and MORU. He is currently the Director of the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO).

Forthcoming events

Richard Doll Seminar - Adventures in Digital Health Research: Alcohol, Coffee, and Arrhythmias

Tuesday, 03 September 2024, 1pm to 2pm @ Richard Doll Lecture Theatre, Richard Doll Building, OldRoad Campus, University of Oxford, OX3 7LF