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Meera Mistry


CTSU Lead Monitor/CCO Head of Monitoring

Meera joined the the Clinical Trial Service Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU) in August 2022 and is responsible for supervising and directing a network of Clinical Trial Monitors across several CTSU studies globally.

Her role is to ensure that all aspects of clinical trial monitoring are performed in accordance with the relevant trial protocol and the current regulatory, ethical and quality standards. Should there be any issues raised via central monitoring, remote monitoring or on-site monitoring, Meera ensures that this is actioned in a timely manner and the appropriate corrective and preventative actions are enforced and the relevant members are notified of the issues. 

Meera also contributes to and delivers several training sessions within CTSU to promote the on-going development of her team and other members within the unit to allow a consistent and unified standard of monitoring. She also shares her passion for teaching and delivers a monitoring workshop on the MSc Clinical Trials course.

 Meera has experience in monitoring in both academic and commercial environments and has previously worked on adult and paediatric, phase I-III trials, primarily within oncology, genetic and rare diseases and vaccine studies. She completed her MSc in Clinical Research and has been working in clinical trials since 2018 and monitoring since 2019.