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Dr Jonathan Taylor

Dr Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan (Jono) Taylor

BA, MPhil, DPhil


Jono Taylor is a Researcher within the Applied Health Research Unit working on the provision of high quality health and social care services. Jono has a BA in History (University of Cambridge), MPhil in MPhil in Social and Economic History (University of Cambridge), and a DPhil in Social and Economic History (University of Oxford). 

Before joining the University of Oxford, Jono worked as a Senior Research Associate, based at the University of Bristol’s School for Policy Studies. Jono was responsible for managing an NIHR-funded project which sought to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes of care leavers. 

Jono has considerable experience of research within health and social care settings and has conducted projects on behalf of the Department of Health, the Care Council for Wales, as well as Clinical Commissioning Groups across England and Wales. As part of his current role, Jono is involved in a number of mixed-methods research projects which aim to evaluate initiatives designed to improve health and well-being in care homes.

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