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Dr Gerry Kendall

Dr Gerry Kendall

Gerry Kendall


Academic Visitor

Gerry Kendall has worked for thirty years at the National Radiological Protection Board.  When he retired in 2005, rather than devote himself entirely to butterflies, he was offered an Honorary Research Fellowship with the Childhood Cancer Research Group (CCRG).  When the CCRG was wound up in 2014, he was very grateful to accept the offer of a desk in CEU.

His main work at Oxford has involved calculating doses from natural ionising radiation and investigating their effects, both by calculation and by epidemiology.  This culminated in a huge record-based case-control study which showed a link between natural gamma rays and childhood leukaemia (Kendall G, et al.  Leukemia 2013;27:3–9). This contradicts suggestions that very low doses of radiation have no effects at all.  He is working towards a second phase of this study which will

be even bigger than the initial phase of the study, and use better estimates of radiation dose.