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dr georgios ntentas

dr georgios ntentas

Georgios Ntentas

BSc, MSc, DPhil

Early Career Research Fellow - Senior Medical Physicist

Georgios Ntentas is an Early Career Research Fellow at the Nuffield Department of Population Health  and a Senior Radiotherapy Physicist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  Georgios’s main research interest is investigating the late effects of radiotherapy and particularly radiation-related cardiovascular toxicities and second cancers. 

He is working on collaborative research projects between Oxford University and the Dutch National Cancer Institute on a cohort of Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors investigating the late effects of radiotherapy. He is also investigating the potential benefits and risks of proton beam therapy for Hodgkin Lymphoma patients in a collaboration between the Prague Proton Therapy Centre, Oxford University and Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital. 

Georgios holds a DPhil in Population Health from the University of Oxford, two Masters degrees in Clinical Sciences and Medical Physics from King’s College London and the University of Surrey respectively and a BSc in Nuclear Physics from Aristotle University, Greece.