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Journal article


Int J Epidemiol

Publication Date





119 - 123


Acceptor Characteristics, Acceptors, Age Factors, Anthropometry, Barrier Methods, Biology, Body Weight, Cardiovascular Effects, Child Development, Contraception, Contraceptive Methods, Contraceptive Usage, Cultural Background, Demographic Factors, Developed Countries, Economic Factors, Epidemiologic Methods, Ethnic Groups, Europe, Family Planning, Family Planning Programs, Growth, Infections, Iud, Jaundice, Mammary Gland Effects, Marital Status, Menstruation Disorders, Northern Europe, Nuptiality, Oral Contraceptives, Physiology, Population, Population Characteristics, Prospective Studies, Research Methodology, Socioeconomic Factors, Socioeconomic Status, Studies, United Kingdom, Vaginal Barrier Methods, Vaginal Diaphragm, Vaginitis, Western Europe, Whites, Adult, Age Factors, Body Height, Body Weight, Breast Diseases, Contraception, Contraceptive Devices, Contraceptives, Oral, England, Family Characteristics, Female, Humans, Intrauterine Devices, Parity, Prospective Studies, Smoking, Social Class, Thrombophlebitis, Uterine Cervicitis, Vaginitis