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Countdown : Registration closes 14 June

University of Oxford buildings.

Translation in Healthcare – Exploring the Impact of Emerging Technologies

There are only four weeks to go until the conference, Translation in Healthcare: exploring the impact of emerging technologies.

This conference will explore how new technologies are transforming and reconfiguring the boundaries between patients, research participants and consumers; between research and clinical practice and between public and private domains.

It brings together a wide range of experts who will discuss and evaluate the impact of technological, legal, ethical and social challenges raised by new healthcare technologies.

Our aim is to provide a stimulating environment for local discussions and interactions with leading thinkers in the field. Our Activity Zone features ECOUTER – an online engagement event; ELSI 2.0 Helpdesk,  Talking Wall, selfies and Haiku/Limerick competitions and Walk and Talk.

Places are still available and registration will remain open until 14 June 2015. Book now!

Confirmed Speakers :
Prof. Bartha Knoppers, McGill University
Prof. Timothy Caulfield, University of Alberta
Prof. Sigrid Sterckx, Ghent University
Prof. Kazuto Kato, Osaka University
Prof. Eric Meslin, Indiana University

Prof. Mike Burgess, University of British Columbia 

Prof. Martin Richards, University of Cambridge
Prof.  Madeleine Murtagh, University of Bristol
Prof. Eric Juengst, University of North Carolina
Prof. Amy McGuire, Baylor College of Medicine

Prof. Martin Landray, University of Oxford
Prof. Graeme Laurie, University of Edinburgh

Full programme details and registration information is available on the event's webpage.