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Vincent Straub

Vincent Straub

Vincent Straub

DPhil Student

Vincent’s research interests span population health, computational social science, sociogenomics, and ethics.

As part of the European Social Science Genetics Network, his research in the Demographic Science Unit and Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science involves combining genomic and survey data to understand the extent to which adolescent socioeconomic and family circumstances impact externalising behaviour, how this can lead to inequalities in later life outcomes, and the moderating role played by one’s genetic predispositions.

His work aims to help provide policy-relevant evidence on equality of opportunity and improve our grasp of how genetic predispositions can create and influence inequalities. To ensure his research is accessible and has real-world impact, Vincent is committed to open science practices, disseminating his work to the wider public through news articles, and participating in community events.

Before joining the Oxford Population Health, Vincent was a full-time researcher in the AI for Public Services team at the Alan Turing Institute, leading projects on understanding the implications of bringing artificial intelligence into government administration.

Prior to the Turing, he worked as a research assistant at the Science of Intelligence Cluster, providing research software engineering support to a team of behavioural biologists studying the development of clonal fish at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Additional past research assistant experiences include working in the Digital Ethics Lab at the Oxford Internet Institute, the Department for International Development at King’s College London, and providing executive research support to the CEO of the innovation foundation Nesta.

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