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Hamza Shams

Hamza Shams

Hamza Shams

Research Grants Officer

Hamza joined the University in May 2022 as a Research Grants Officer for the Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science (LCDS).

In this role, he acts as the central point of contact for researchers affiliated with or connected to the centre offering assistance in both pre- and post-award management inquiries. His responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of tasks, including but not limited to customized funding searches, comprehensive review of grant proposals, the formulation of research cost projections, oversight of administrative processes related to grant submissions, and the establishment of protocols for grant administration.

Additionally, Hamza provides expert guidance on financial and ethical compliance requirements set forth by funding entities, and manages data and project activities, ensuring adherence to funding milestones. He also oversees the coordination of extensions and amendments, as necessary.

He also provides advice on the centre’s research funding strategy, and supports in the preparation and analysis of relevant data for advisory reports. He actively cultivates productive relationships with key stakeholders and contributes to the development of pertinent protocols for data security, ethics, and research impact management in line with REF deliverables.