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Dr Daniel Chapman

Dr Daniel Chapman

Daniel Chapman


Research Fellow

Daniel Chapman joined the CTSU in February 2018 and is a Research Fellow in the NDPH Wolfson Laboratories. Daniel studied Biomedical Science at Bangor University and was awarded his PhD in Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Research at The University of Exeter in 2018. 

Daniel’s PhD involved developing renal biomarker assays for a clinical research study associated with diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Daniel has experience investigating biological variation and leading biomarker stability studies. 

Daniel’s main areas of research are the development of high throughput analytical methods suitable for large-scale epidemiological studies, and designing and conducting biomarker stability studies to validate sample collection, transport and storage methods. Examples of projects include validating sample collection methods for the EMPA-KIDNEY trial, and developing assays to provide cost effective biomarker analysis for the STICS and HARP-III studies.  

Daniel also works closely with the China Kadoorie Biobank’s Infection Project team, currently exploring the use of machine learning for interpretation of laboratory Western Blot data to investigate the relationship between biomarkers of infectious disease and risk of developing cancer.