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Zizheng Zhang

Zizheng Zhang

Zizheng Zhang

DPhil student

Zizheng joined the Oxford Population Health and Big Data Institute in October 2023 as a DPhil student.

His DPhil project aims to employ clinical AI and machine learning to improve the demand management of hospitals, supervised by Professor David Eyre, Professor Sarah Walker, and Professor David Clifton. Zizheng is honoured to have been awarded a full scholarship from the Clarendon Fund and Oxford Population Health Studentship.

Prior to Oxford, Zizheng completed his MPhil in Population Health Sciences at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Health Data Science. He collaborated with pharmaceutical company Roche to provide statistical support to the design and analysis of clinical trials in his dissertation project. Zizheng also holds a dual BSc in Applied Mathematics and Mathematics from the University of Birmingham and Jinan University.

Zizheng believes in the potential of the application of quantitative sciences in medicine and is passionate about contributing to better healthcare outcomes using such methods. Alongside work, he enjoys playing football, exploring Oxford, and travelling.