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Trevor Lambert

Trevor Lambert


Project Director, MCRG

Trevor Lambert is a research lecturer in the Nuffield Department of Population Health at the University of Oxford. His first degree was in statistics and his master’s was in computer science, both from the University of Birmingham. After working initially for the University of Birmingham for several years as a computer officer supporting users of statistical software, in 1978 Trevor joined the Numerical Algorithms Group in Oxford where he held a series of technical and senior management roles until 1990. He then spent three years at the Open University as a statistical consultant advising postgraduate researchers on experimental design. 

In 1993 he joined Oxford University’s Unit of Health Care Epidemiology in the then Department of Public Health and Primary Care. He now directs the UK Medical Careers Research Group, a UK-wide series of cohort studies that track the career choices, progression and views of over 60,000 doctors in qualification years ranging from 1974 to 2015. The work includes both quantitative and qualitative analysis and enables career-long profiles of doctors to be constructed and analysed.

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