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Dr Tonima Trisa

Dr Tonima Trisa

Tonima Trisa

DPhil Student

Tonima joined the Cancer Epidemiology Unit (CEU) as a DPhil student in October 2022. She is supervised by Associate Professor Sarah Floud, Dr Siân Sweetland and Dr Najaf Amin.

Her DPhil research primarily investigates risk association between depression and dementia in the Million Women Study. She will also investigate genetic association between depression and dementia with the help of Mendelian randomisation using the UK Biobank. Her DPhil research is generously funded by the departmental scholarship. 

Prior to joining Oxford Population Health, she graduated from KIT Royal Tropical Institute (Vrije Universität), the Netherlands with an MSc in Public Health (Cum Laude) in 2021 and finished her MBBS from Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College (University of Dhaka), Bangladesh in 2016.

Tonima worked in numerous population-based health research projects focusing on mental health, non-communicable disorder, sexual and reproductive health and collaborated with different academic institutions around the globe. She was also a research fellow in Icddr,b; a renowned international research organisation based in Bangladesh from 2018-2021.  

Alongside her research, Tonima is deeply aware of the social inequality and inaccessibility to education  in many parts of the world and would like to contribute in these areas with a special focus on women and other under-represented groups. Tonima likes to channel her passion for communicating knowledge and experience through teaching, writing and making video content. She also enjoys dancing and traveling in her spare time.