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Dr Sanjula Singh

Dr Sanjula Singh

Sanjula Dhillon Singh

Dr Sanjula Dhillon Singh is a medical doctor from the Netherlands. Sanjula graduated from a PhD programme in Neurosurgery with supervisors Professor Gabriël Rinkel (University of Utrecht/University Medical Center Utrecht) and second supervisor Professor Joshua Goldstein (Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital). Sanjula spent six months conducting full-time research at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2018. She graduated from the MSc in Global Health Science and Epidemiology at Oxford Population Health in 2021.

Sanjula is the founder of the OxPop podcast called ‘Science with Sanjula’. In this podcast, launched in early 2023, she interviews world-leading scientists and asks them about the biggest issues in global healthcare.

Sanjula aims to combine her medical knowledge, academic research experiences and epidemiological background to contribute to improving population health worldwide. As well as working closely with scientists from OxPop, she is currently working at the McCance Center for Brain Health at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Science with Sanjula - the Oxford Population Health podcast

Science with Sanjula podcast promotional image