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The burden of healthcare costs associated with prostate cancer in Ireland

Burns RM., Leal J., Wolstenholme J., O’Neill C., Sullivan FJ., Drummond FJ., Sharp L.

Richéal M Burns


Senior Researcher

Richéal was appointed senior researcher in October 2014 after previously holding a joint position at HERC and the Surgical Intervention Trials Unit (SITU), where Richéal undertook health economic evaluations alongside a range of surgical trials including the UK TAVI trial. Previous to this, Richéal was based at NUI Galway, undertaking a MSc in Health Economics in 2009-2010 and following on to commence a PhD in 2011 funded by the Health Research Board; the research project afforded the opportunity to regularly visit HERC from October 2012 working on the modelling aspects of her PhD with Dr. Jane Wolstenholme and Dr. José Leal. While at NUI Galway, Richéal also secured several internal grants to undertake various projects relating to quality of life and mental health concerns of the student population as well as teaching microeconomics, econometrics and quantitative research methods at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level for three years.

In her current role, Richéal continues to provide health economic support alongside a range of RCTs as well as involvement in burden of illness studies. Having a keen interest in mental health, PROMs and inequality in health outcomes, Richéal will also follow on from previous work in the research areas of Prostate Cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and general well-being.

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