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Professor Maria Quigley

Professor Maria Quigley

Maria Quigley


Professor of Statistical Epidemiology

  • NDPH Director of Graduate Studies
  • National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit

Maria joined the NPEU in January 2004 and is a co-applicant on the Policy Research Unit in Maternal and Neonatal Health and Care. She has published extensively on infant and childhood outcomes associated with infant feeding and preterm birth. Her current research includes a study exploring ethnic variations in preterm birth and infant mortality, and a national survey of maternal and infant health. Maria has conducted many research studies using population-based cohorts and surveys such as the Millennium Cohort Study, ALSPAC and the UK Infant Feeding Surveys. She is also using record linkage of large, routinely collected data to study maternal and/or child outcomes associated with preterm birth, caesarean section and fertility treatment. Maria supervises several DPhil students and teaches on the MSc in Global Health Science and Epidemiology, on the modules in 'Statistics' and 'Maternal and Child Health'.  Maria is Director of Graduate Studies in NDPH.