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Lazaros Belbasis

Lazaros Belbasis

Lazaros Belbasis


Early Career Research Fellow

Lazaros Belbasis obtained a medical degree (2015) and a PhD (2020), both from University of Ioannina. He also trained as a General Practitioner in Greece, obtaining his certificate of completion of training in 2021. He has been involved in medical research since the first year of his studies in the medical school. His PhD thesis focused on environmental risk factors for neurodegenerative disorders and was funded through a PhD scholarship by the Greek State Scholarships Foundation. His research was also funded by a Research Fellowship from the Hellenic Academy of Neuroimmunology. Prior to moving to NDPH, Lazaros worked as a postdoctoral researcher at QUEST Center for Responsible Research (Berlin Institute of Health at Charité), where he was involved in research projects related to prediction modelling, research integrity and evidence synthesis. 

Lazaros was awarded an NDPH Early Career Research Fellowship and joined the department in August 2022. His research focuses on applying modern epidemiological and statistical techniques to data from China Kadoorie Biobank and UK Biobank, to investigate causal risk factors for neurological diseases. The long-term aim of his research is to elucidate novel molecular pathways, to inform drug development and drug repurposing for disease prediction, prevention, and treatment.

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