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Karl Wallendszus

Karl Wallendszus

Karl Wallendszus

BSc, MSc

Senior Analyst/Programmer

Karl Wallendszus works on the analysis of a number of clinical trials in the Heart Studies Group of the Clinical Trial Service Unit (CTSU). This involves developing, with others in the data analysis team, a system to prepare data using CDISC standards and analyse it in a way which is standardised and traceable, and produce output suitable for publications, clinical study reports, regulatory submissions and data sharing. Karl has used this system, which is constantly evolving in response to technological innovations and regulatory requirements, in the analysis of studies such as HPS, SEARCH, THRIVE, SHARP, REVEAL, ASCEND, LENS, ORION-4 and EMPA-KIDNEY. He has presented aspects of this work to other groups within the University as well as at international clinical trial methodology and data standards conferences. 

Karl graduated in Zoology from St Peter’s College, Oxford in 1984 and went on to gain an MSc in Biological Computation at York University.  He then worked for the UK Children’s Cancer Study Group in Manchester and Leicester, before returning to Oxford in 1989 to join CTSU. There he developed various applications used in the running of clinical trials, before specialising in data analysis for the main study results of HPS, which were published in 2002.

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