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Dr Ipsita Sutradhar

Dr Ipsita Sutradhar

Ipsita Sutradhar

DPhil Student

Dr Ipsita Sutradhar is a Public Health professional with five years of experience in research and teaching.

Ipsita started her DPhil in Population Health at the Oxford Population Health in October 2022. She received a fully funded scholarship from Oxford Population Health to pursue her DPhil. During her doctoral study, Ipsita will investigate the risk of comorbidities of obesity and diabetes among the UK Biobank participants. 

Before joining the doctoral program, Ipsita worked in several epidemiological studies conducted in Bangladesh, which included a nationally representative surveillance project on non-communicable diseases. The study was led and implemented by Imperial College London, UK, and BRAC James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University, Bangladesh, respectively. She also taught and mentored MPH students at BRAC University.

To date, Ipsita published more than 15 research articles in international peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Lancet Regional Health, PLOS One, BMC) and presented her research findings at international conferences (e.g. 14th European Public Health Conference, 2021).

She also serves as an academic reviewer for several international journals. Ipsita’s research interest includes identifying genetic and environmental risk factors of diabetes, obesity and complications associated with these two metabolic health conditions.

Dr Ipsita is a physician by training. She completed her MBBS from Dhaka Medical College in 2012. Following two years of clinical practice, Ipsita pursued her Master of Public Health (MPH) from BRAC University. Ipsita also completed her MSc in Epidemiology in 2020 from Imperial College London.