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David Murray

David Murray

David Murray

Senior Trials Programmer

After graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a BSc in Applied Geology, David spent four years as a seismic geophysicist within the oil and gas exploration industry. In 2001 David worked for a GIS and cartographic company in Oxford as a software developer. 

Since joining the NPEU as a Trials Programmer in November 2011, David has worked on numerous studies (including SIFT, ELFIN, ANODE, Poppi, TOBY Xe, Baby-OSCAR and NeoCLEAR). In 2014 he was appointed Senior Trials Programmer. His responsibilities include the development, validation and maintenance of clinical data databases to ensure that high quality data are available for analysis. 

He has a particular interest in clinical trial data management and is a member of the Association for Clinical Data Management

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