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Angeliki Kerasidou

BA, MA, MSt, DPhil

Senior Researcher

Angeliki Kerasidou is a Senior Researcher in Bioethics at the Ethox Centre and a Research Fellow at the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities and Researcher, University of Oxford. She studied theology and philosophy in Greece, Germany and the UK, and received her DPhil in 2009 from Oxford University.

Angeliki’s research focuses on ethical issues that arise from the introduction of new technologies to, and the effect of socio-economic changes, on global health research and clinical practice. Using philosophical analysis and empirical research, she is examining the ways in which these factors impact on the theory and the practice of professional ethics for biomedical researchers and healthcare staff. In her current project, Angeliki is looking at the effects of austerity policies on doctors’ and nurses’ everyday practice, but also how these policies affect the moral character of these professions as a whole. She also investigates how the introduction of AI, genomics and big data research in healthcare necessitates a reassessment of professional values for researchers and healthcare practitioners.

She provides ethics advice and consultation to global health research projects. She currently acts as the Ethics Advisor for two malaria vaccines projects, OptiMalVax, and MultiVivax. Previously, she worked closely with the Malaria Genomics Epidemiology Project (MalariaGEN), where she provided ethics advice and conducted original research on issues such as the ethics of returning genomics results, the ethics of data sharing, and the ethics of collaboration. Angeliki was part of the ELSI Group for the 1000 Genomes Project.

Angeliki leads the courses Research Ethics and Research Integrity, and Ethics and Law of Abortion and Artificial Reproductive Technologies for the Medical Science Division.

She is the Director of the Caroline Miles and Andrew Markus Scholarship Schemes for the Ethox Centre, Vice-Chair of the Independent Ethics Committee of International Agency for Research on Cancer (IEC IARC), Memeber of the Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC) , and the Manager of the Independent Data Access Committee (IDAC) for MalariaGEN’s data.

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