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Dr Angeliki Kerasidou

Angeliki Kerasidou

BA, MA, MSt, DPhil

Researcher in Global Health Ethics

  • Ethics Co-ordinator, MalariaGEN

Angeliki Kerasidou is a Researcher in Global Health Ethics and the Ethics Coordinator for the Malaria Genomics Epidemiology Network (MalariaGEN) at the Ethox Centre, Oxford University. Her background is in theology and philosophy. She received her DPhil from Oxford University in 2009. Her thesis, jointly supervised by the Philosophy and Theology Faculties, was on theories of philosophical anthropology and the moral value of the human embryo in relation to stem cell research.

Angeliki’s theoretical approach is non-consequentialist moral theories, in particular virtue ethics. She is interested in examining how an ethical theory that puts the moral actor at the centre of its analysis could help with the understanding and resolving of ethical problems in health research and healthcare. Her current research focus is on the question of professionalism in research and healthcare, particularly in challenging and changing environments; e.g. what are the obligations of researchers at the interface between research and healthcare provision in developing countries? How should doctors understand and enact professional ethics at times of austerity? How do systemic changes impact on an individual’s and an institution’s moral character.

As the Ethics Co-ordinator for MalariaGEN, she is tasked with the ethical oversight of all Consortia Projects. Her role is to monitor, manage and respond to ethical and policy issues, conduct empirical research, inform policy development and provide ethics training and capacity building to MalariaGEN and its partners. In this context, she has examined questions pertaining to: open access and data-sharing in genomic research; the ethics of collaboration; and on sharing aggregate genomic findings with participants and other stakeholders.

Angeliki regularly tutors undergraduate students on the Ethics of Biomedical Research and Practice. She teaches Research Ethics and Integrity, and Medical Ethics and Law.

Angeliki is a member of the Oxford Tropical Research Ethics Committee (OxTREC) and the Director of the Caroline Miles and Andrew Markus Scholarship Schemes, The Ethox Centre.

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