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The stakeholders’ consultation investigated the opinions and views of various professional stakeholders towards patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) for long-term conditions. This aimed to inform the development of a PROM that works across long-term conditions and is useful for both health and social care services and interviews with people who have long-term conditions.


Thirty-one stakeholders (including professionals working in health and social care settings and people with a variety of long-term conditions) were interviewed about their experiences of long-term conditions and their opinions about the uses and content of a PROM for long-term conditions.  

Outputs from this study are in preparation, and the results of this study have informed future phases of the research.

Key findings

  • There was broad support for a single PROM that could be used to measure outcomes for patients with any long-term condition in any health or social care setting. 
  • A PROM for long-term conditions should incorporate a mixture of traditional and non-traditional domains, such as functioning, empowerment, and social participation, and be co-developed with patients and professional end-users.
  • A PROM needs to be feasible for practical implementation at the individual clinical level.