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Research participants offer valuable insights into the running of studies in which they are involved. The NDPH Public Advisory Panel provides advice and guidance on the department’s research from initial study proposals to ways in which research findings may be used to influence policy and improve health. The panel includes current and past research participants and a lay member of the Research Ethics Committee. Panel members may be asked to provide feedback on proposals by email or at face-to-face meetings, and can choose which requests to respond to, according to their availability and interests.

Panel members may:

  • review the content and language used in participant questionnaires and information leaflets
  • help to ensure that proposed methods are acceptable to potential participants
  • comment on research proposals
  • advise on ways to increase participation in research
  • suggest ways to publicise research results

Why Get Involved?

By joining the NDPH Public Advisory Panel you will be contributing to our understanding of the causes, prevention and treatment of disease around the world.

Members find the role interesting, rewarding and enjoyable, and involvement can provide opportunities to meet new people and develop new and existing skills. We will reimburse your travel expenses.

We are keen to recruit more members to the panel. Please email Anne Whitehouse to find out more about its work and how to get involved.

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