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AIMS: To determine if an educational DVD increases knowledge and changes attitudes of women with diabetes towards preconception care. METHODS: Ninety-seven women with diabetes (Type 1, n = 89; Type 2, n = 8), aged 18-40 years, completed a pre-DVD and post-DVD intervention study by postal questionnaire. Beliefs and attitudes associated with preventing an unplanned pregnancy and seeking preconception care were assessed using a validated questionnaire; scales included benefits, barriers, personal attitudes and self-efficacy. Knowledge of pregnancy planning and pregnancy-related risks were assessed by a 22-item questionnaire. RESULTS: After viewing the DVD there was significant positive change in women's perceived benefits of, and their personal attitudes to, receiving preconception care and using contraception: change in score post-DVD viewing 0.7 (95% confidence interval 0.3, 1.2), P = 0.003, and 0.8 (0.3, 1.2), P = 0.001, respectively. The DVD significantly improved self-efficacy, that is, self-confidence to use contraception for prevention of an unplanned pregnancy and to access preconception care [3.3 (1.9, 4.7), P < 0.001], and significantly reduced perceived barriers to preconception care [-0.7 (-1.2, -0.2), P = 0.01]. Knowledge of pregnancy planning and pregnancy-related risks increased significantly after viewing the DVD: mean increase was 37.6 ± 20.0%, P < 0.001, and 16.9 ± 21.2%, P < 0.001, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: This study demonstrates the effectiveness of a DVD in increasing knowledge and enhancing attitudes of women with diabetes to preconception care. This DVD could be used as a prepregnancy counselling resource to prepare women with diabetes for pregnancy.

Original publication




Journal article


Diabet Med

Publication Date





950 - 956


Adolescent, Adult, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1, Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2, Family Planning Services, Female, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Humans, Marital Status, Northern Ireland, Patient Education as Topic, Preconception Care, Pregnancy, Pregnancy in Diabetics, Prospective Studies, Surveys and Questionnaires, Television, Women's Health, Young Adult