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Blood pressure, plasma renin activity and the concentrations of aldosterone and cholesterol in plasma and sodium and potassium in urine (48-h collections) and nutrient intakes were determined in 22 vegans (11 male and 11 female) and omnivore controls matched for age, sex and body build. The vegan diets contained less protein, sodium, calcium and sulphur but more carbohydrate, potassium and fibre than the diets of their controls. The mean urinary potassium sodium ratio was 1.13 in the vegans compared with 0.64 in the omnivores. Plasma renin and cholesterol concentrations were lower in the male but not female vegans compared with their respective controls. Blood pressures of the vegan subjects were inside the normal range but they tended to have higher mean diastolic blood pressures than their controls.


Journal article


Hum Nutr Appl Nutr

Publication Date





204 - 211


Adult, Aldosterone, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diet, Diet, Vegetarian, Electrolytes, Female, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Renin, Sex Factors