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The current institution-based model for healthcare service delivery faces enormous challenges posed by an aging population and the prevalence of chronic diseases. For this reason, pervasive healthcare, i.e., the provision of healthcare services to individuals anytime anywhere, has become a major focus for the research community. In this paper, we map out the current state of pervasive healthcare research by presenting an overview of three emerging areas in personalized health monitoring, namely: 1) mobile phone sensing via in-built or external sensors, 2) self-reporting for manually captured health information, such as symptoms and behaviors, and 3) social sharing of health information within the individual's community. Systems deployed in a real-life setting as well as proofs-of-concept for achieving pervasive health are presented, in order to identify shortcomings and increase our understanding of the requirements for the next generation of pervasive healthcare systems addressing these three areas.

Original publication




Journal article


IEEE J Biomed Health Inform

Publication Date





218 - 227


Cell Phone, Humans, Monitoring, Physiologic, Self Report, Social Media, Surveys and Questionnaires, Telemedicine