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Front cover of an NIHR report

Two pieces of NIHR-funded NPEU research, the Birthplace in England Research Programme and the UKOSS study of H1N1 influenza in pregnancy, feature as case studies in the NIHR 10th anniversary report which identifies and celebrates 100 examples of impact arising from NIHR funded research. 

Birthplace is commended for changing “through policy recommendations, the advice given to pregnancy women and practice” and for continuing “to produce findings that will likely translate into quantifiable safer and cost-effective births in England”. 

The UKOSS study of pregnant women hospitalised with H1N1 infection in 2009 influenced policy and guidance updates during the pandemic, changed policy recommendations on seasonal immunisation for pregnant women and as a result led to a doubling of the number of pregnant women immunised against influenza in England between 2009 and 2015. 

Read the report.

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