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Young man looking at multipe computer screens.

A new scheme has been launched within the Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit (CTSU) at the Nuffield Department of Population Health of Oxford University to support post-MSc statisticians in a period of early career development.

The first of these one-year specialist training fellowships in applied statistical programming will commence in October 2015 (two fellowships available).

Very large-scale clinical and epidemiological data that are now available provide new opportunities for extensive investigations. However, in order to yield their full potential, they require high-quality and well-structured data manipulation and statistical analysis programming.

The scheme aims to provide unrivalled training and experience in applied statistical programming and analytic skills that will empower statistical scientists to exploit large-scale data opportunities from the outset of their career. The fellowships will provide excellent training for statisticians who aspire to join project teams engaged in large-scale analyses, or who aspire to undertake future DPhil studies, such as several of the NDPH DPhil research projectsthat have been proposed by CTSU.