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This is a free event, which will be taking place online via Zoom. To register your interest in attending this talk, please click HERE

Abstract: Multiple myeloma is a rare, incurable cancer of plasma cells with high disease burden. New pharmaceutical treatments have improved outcomes but at significant cost. In 2020, the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund funded the Epidemiological Modelling of Australian Patients with Myeloma (EpiMAP Myeloma) project to address critical knowledge gaps in the diagnosis and care of multiple myeloma.

This project will develop a microsimulation model to map out the complex treatment pathway for myeloma patients based on available registry, literature, and administrative data. The model will be used by government as a reference model to facilitate policy and funding decisions of emerging and high-cost therapeutics in myeloma. As well as the specifics of this particular project, this presentation will discuss the practice of using real-world data to build reference models and their scope for use beyond government funding decisions.

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