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Watch videos of the presentations from the links below. Presentations containing unpublished data are not included.

Session 1 Tobacco Evidence: starting is worse but stopping is better

Rory Collins - Welcome


Alan Lopez - Introduction


Mike Thun - The health ravages of tobacco use - just the evidence please


Tom Frieden - Changing minds and saving hearts by asking the right, big questions


Blake Thomson - Smoking kills, stopping works: continuing the tale of two Richards


Judith Mackay - Tracking and tackling tobacco


Varied friends - Video message from Boston


Prabhat Jha - Knight of the living (and dead) 


Session 2 Observational Studies: really knowing the known risk factors

Valerie Beral - Introduction


Francis Collins - Making the case for large cohort studies


 Sarah Lewington - Halving premature mortality: studying the other 99%


Vendhan Gajalakshmi - No smoke without fire: tales from India


David Zaridze - Saving Russian lives: one steppe at a time


Zhengming Chen - Long march through the Middle Kingdom


Dylan Morris - Blood glucose, diabetes and aortic aneurysm: not so bleeding obvious


Julian Peto - The multi-stage model of cancer - the answer to a maiden's prayer


John Danesh - Emerging from the shadows 


Session 3 Randomised Trials: moderate treatment effects matter

Bob Temple - Introduction


Mike Brown - Getting the cholesterol-lowering evidence right


Larry Norton - Icon of iconoclasm


Richard Gray - Medical statistics: life in the fast lane


Rob Califf - Large simple trials (LST) versus small crappy trials (SCT): not a hard decision for Peto


Tom Peto - Tropical malady: fever trees and RCTs


Salim Yusuf - Making a world of difference: making a different world


Jeremy Farrar - End notes: why do we still need Richard Peto?



After Dinner Speeches

Charles Warlow, Paul Nurse and Richard Peto


 Presentations at event to mark Richard Peto's retirement, 28 June 2018

The photographs of the event were taken by John Cairns and are available to view here.