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Project Reference Number – 0059

Principal Investigator – Charlotte Sturley

Plain language summary – It is estimated that over 50% of bowel cancer cases in the UK can be prevented. Previous research has tended to focus on individual behaviours which have been found to increase the risk of developing bowel cancer.  These include being overweight, smoking, lack of exercise, drinking alcohol, lack of fibre in the diet, and eating processed meat.  However, rather than being lifestyle ‘choices’, these factors may be the result of socio-economic factors, such as poverty or the environment. 

This project will take a local neighbourhood approach and look for links between the local area and the rate of bowel cancer.  Factors such as the number of fast-food outlets, health services and access to green spaces will all be considered.  The aim is to produce an area-based index of bowel cancer risk to help inform efforts to prevent the disease.