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Age-related inequalities in rectal cancer treatment

More than a third of rectal cancers are diagnosed in people aged 75 and over. The treatment of older patients is controversial. Older patients are less likely to receive surgery [ more]

Management of Advanced Disease – Liver Metastases

Bowel cancer is a common disease in the UK with over 42,000 people diagnosed every year. If at diagnosis the cancer is found to have spread then patient outcomes can be poor. [Read more]

Management of Advanced Disease – Lung Metastases

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK. At diagnosis, around 20% of patients (which subsequently increases to 50% of patients) with bowel cancer [ more]

Neoadjuvant Treatment in rectal cancer

Short course radiotherapy (SCRT) before an operation is an effective treatment for rectal cancer. Previous studies have shown that it reduces the risk of the disease [ more]

Health related quality of life

The number of people surviving cancer has increased significantly in recent years. This leaves many at risk of problems related to their cancer treatment. [Read more]

Yorkshire Cancer Research Bowel Cancer Improvement Programme

This is a five-year study to improve outcomes for patients with bowel cancer across the Yorkshire and Humber. There is evidence of variation in the management of bowel cancer [ more]

Improving outcome predictions – patients with diabetes

Up to 20% of people with cancer also have diabetes. Patients with both cancer and diabetes are more likely to have worse outcomes after surgery. [Read more]