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Modelling the global health and environmental impacts of sustainable food scenarios 

Funder: Wellcome Trust, (Our Planet Our Health funding stream)
Project dates: Apr 2017 – Mar 2021

This project on the future of animal-sourced foods explores the health and environmental impacts of global consumption of animal-sourced foods. It also investigates the impact of interventions designed to change consumption of animal-sourced foods in light of rising environmental and health concerns.

LEAP is an Oxford University  project led by Charles Godfray from the Department of Zoology and Susan Jebb from the Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care Sciences. The Centre will lead work on package 1 of the  project, which will refine a global health model developed previously by:

  • further disaggregation of animal-sourced foods categories
  • integration of the model with global agricultural economic models
  • disaggregation of impacts by socio-economic status within countries.

We will use the updated  model to estimate the health and environmental impact of future scenarios, including trade policies and different development and demographic pathways.


  • Peter Scarborough
    Peter Scarborough

    Associate Professor and University Research Lecturer

  • Mike Rayner
    Mike Rayner

    Professor of Population Health and Director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Population Approaches for Non-Communicable Disease Prevention (CC PNP)

  • Marco Springmann
    Marco Springmann

    Senior Researcher

External researchers

Mike Clark