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The Richard Doll Seminars ( are hosted by the Nuffield Department of Population Health. They are one of the leading forums within the Medical Sciences Division where topics of significant importance in public health and epidemiology are presented. The seminars are held during academic full term at 1-2 PM on Tuesdays unless otherwise indicated. All welcome.

michaelmas term (oct - nov 2017)

Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford

Lecture Theatre, Richard Doll Building, Old Road Campus, Oxford OX3 7LF, UK

Conveners: Dr Sarah Floud (CEU) and Associate Professor David Preiss (CTSU) 

The termcard for Michaelmas Term 2017 is available to download in PDF format.

The schedule is also available as an iCalendar and can be downloaded from each event.

Directions to the Richard Doll Building.

Follow us on Twitter at and email us at


Trinity Term (April - June 2017)

The termcard for Trinity Term 2017 is available to download in PDF format

HILARY TERM (jan - mar 2017)

The termcard for Hilary 2017 is available to download in PDF format.


The programme is also published in Oxford University’s Lectures & Seminars Supplement of the Gazette