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Phoebe Friesen

Phoebe Friesen

Post Doctoral Fellow

Phoebe Friesen is a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Ethox Centre at the University of Oxford, with broad interests related to research ethics, philosophy of science, and bioethics. Among other topics in philosophy, she has written about the role of responsibility in the allocation of health care resources, shifts in research ethics within the United States since the publication of the Belmont Report, and the ethics of nonconsensual pelvic examinations on women under anesthetic for medical education. Her work at the Centre involves developing and delivering collaborative, research-based ethics support for researchers across Oxford’s Biomedical Research Center (BRC)’s 16 themes, as well as providing the BRC with an overarching and systematic ethics strategy that can help to identify ethical issues in research and governance.

Phoebe’s doctoral research, at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York, offered a philosophical account of the placebo effect and considered implications of the account for clinical practice as well as for the issue of demarcating between science and pseudoscience. While pursuing her PhD, Phoebe worked as a Research Associate at NYU’s Division of Medical Ethics, a Teaching Fellow at Baruch College, and a Teaching Assistant in NYU’s Department of Bioethics. She also initiated two qualitative research projects exploring experiences of early psychosis and alternative forms of care. These projects include participants from OnTrackNY, a program developed by the Center for Practice Innovations within the New York State Psychiatric Institute, and the Parachute Project, which takes inspiration from the Open Dialogue approach to psychosis developed in Finland and is housed within the Visiting Nurse Service of New York. Before her PhD, Phoebe received a Master’s Degree in philosophy from Western University, and earned Bachelor’s Degrees in both psychology and philosophy from the University of Victoria. Between and during these educational pursuits, she spent over a decade working and volunteering in mental health care settings, on the front line as well as within policy and research settings.

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